ScAI Machine Learning Seminar (2018-2019, Archive)

Archive of ScAI machine learning seminar in 2018-19 academic year.

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Summer 2019

Date Title Speaker Refs.
8.26 Sublinear Approximation for Large-scale Data Science Chi Wang NA

Spring 2019

Date Title Speaker Refs.
4.12 Generalization Error Bounds of Gradient Descent for Learning Over-parameterized Deep ReLU Networks Yuan Cao PDF
4.26 Some recent advances in GANs Ting Chen PDF
5.17 Aggregates in Recursive Programs and Declarative Algorithms for Big Data Carlo Zaniolo PDF
5.21 Graph Representation Learning: Algorithms, Applications and Systems Jian Tang Link
5.24 Geometric Scattering on Graphs and Manifolds Feng Gao PDF
5.31 Bridging adversarial robustness with generative adversarial networks Xuanqing Liu PDF
6.7 Robustness Verification of Neural Networks Huan Liu N/A
6.10 Random Search and Reproducibility for Neural Architecture Search Liam Li PDF

Winter 2019

Date Title Speaker Refs.
1.11 Multi-relational Knowledge Representation and Acquisition Muhao Chen PDF
1.18 Grounding Reinforcement Learning with Real-world Dialog Applications Zhou Yu N/A
1.25 Combining Behavioral and Generative Models for Product Recommendation and Design Julian McAuley N/A
2.8 Recent advance on deep learning optimization theory Difan Zou PDF
2.15 A New Synthesis of Knowledge Representation and Learning Yitao Liang PDF
3.1 Understanding the Bias and Data Efficiency of Uncertainty Sampling Steve Mussmann N/A
3.15 Southern California Machine Learning Symposium Bistra Dilkina, Pietro Perona, Hongjing Lu, Alicia Solow-Niederman N/A
3.22 Embedding Uncertain Knowledge Graphs Xuelu Chen PDF

Fall 2018

Date Title Speaker Refs.
10.5 CoQA: A Conversational Question Answering Challenge Siva Reddy PDF
10.12 Efficient Deep Learning Ting Chen PDF
10.19 Optimization from A Continuous-time View Pan Xu PDF
10.26 Conversational Question Answering Scott Wen-tau Yih PDF
11.2 Modeling and Distinguishing User Behaviors on the Web Jyun-yu Jiang PDF
11.9 Diversity-promoting and Large-scale ML for Healthcare Pengtao Xie PDF
11.16 Adopting Machine Learning techniques in Database System Jin Wang PDF
11.30 Learning to Generate Language and Actions with Structured Agents William Wang PDF
12.7 Democratize Data Science: NLI to Data Xifeng Yan N/A
12.14 PaperRobot: Incremental Drafting of Ideas in Biomedical Domain Heng Ji N/A