CS145 (Fall 2020) Discussion Materials

Note: This course is currently active and updated.

Course Info

TA Info

  • TA: Junheng Hao

  • TA office hours: 8:30-10:30am Thursdays (US Pacific/Los Angeles)

  • Contact: haojh [DOT] ucla [AT] gmail [DOT] com (for CS145 only, and please add “CS145” in the subject of the email) Note: Please do NOT send to other emails.

Discussion Info (Dis 1C, instructed by Junheng)

  • Time: Fridays 10am-11:50am

  • Location: Online (Recorded, Zoom links provided on CCLE for enrolled students)

  • Recording: Video resource available on CCLE under the section of each week, named “WeekX_Dis1C_Junheng”


  • [Sept. 30] Welcome to CS145: Introduction to Data Mining. Greetings from Week 0!

  • [Oct. 1] There is no discussion session on Oct. 2 (Week 0). Instruction/Lectures starts on Oct. 5 (Monday, Week 1)

  • [Oct. 5] Course website is here. Please check the class schedule and logistics.

  • [Oct. 12] HW1 is released on CCLE and due on 11:59pm PT, Oct 19 (Monday, Week 3).

  • [Oct. 13] Project guideline is rleased on course website (and CCLE as well).

  • [Oct. 16] Register the team for the course project by the end of Week 2 (Fri 16 Oct, 2020) with member information.

  • [Oct. 22] HW2 is released on CCLE and due on 11:59pm PT, Oct 30 (Friday, Week 4).

  • [Oct. 29] HW3 is released on CCLE and due on 11:59pm PT, Nov 9 (Monday, Week 6).

  • [Oct. 29] Midterm project report and Kaggle submission are due on 11:59pm PT, Nov 11 (Wednesday, Week 6).

  • [Nov. 12] HW4 is released on CCLE and due on 11:59pm PT, Nov 20 (Friday, Week 7).

  • [Nov. 23] [New] There is no discussion session on Nov. 27 (Week 8). Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Discussion Materials

Date Content Slides & Links
Oct. 9 Course overview, math prep, linear regression, programming prep for homework Slides Week 1, Slides Week 1 (Math), Python & Jupyter Notebook (Intro)
Oct. 16 Review: Linear regression (cont’d), logistic regression Slides Week 2
Oct. 23 Review: Decision tree, SVM Slides Week 3, SVM Notes from Stanford, SVM Slides from NYU
Oct. 30 Review: SVM, Neural Netoworks, KNN Slides Week 4
Nov. 6 Review: Classification, Clustering Slides Week 5
Nov. 13 Gaussian mixture model, Midterm Review Slides Week 6, Other
Nov. 20 Post-Midterm Review and Discussion No slides (Recordings available on CCLE)
Nov. 27 No discussion session (Thanksgiving holiday) N/A
Dec. 4 Frequent Pattern Mining and Association Rules, Sequential Pattern Mining, DTW Slides Week 9
Dec. 11 Naive Bayes, Topic Modeling, Final Review Slides Week 10

Additional Resources

Supplemental materials from other Fall 2020 CS1452 TAs:

  • Please check posts of discussion materials under the section of each week on CCLE.