CS145 (Fall 2020) Discussion Materials

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Course Info

  • Course name: Introduction to Data Mining

  • Instructor: Yizhou Sun

  • Lecture time & location: Lec 1, Monday/Wednesday 10am-11:50am (Los Angeles), Online (Recorded, Zoom links provided for enrolled students).

  • Course website: TBD

TA Info

  • TA: Junheng Hao, email: haojh [DOT] ucla [AT] gmail [DOT] com (for CS145 only, and please put “CS145” in the subject of the email)

  • TA office hours: TBA (Los Angeles).

Discussion Info (Dis 1C, instructed by Junheng)

  • Time: Fridays 10am-11:50am

  • Location: Online (Recorded, Zoom links provided for enrolled students)


  • [Sept. 30] Welcome to CS145: Introduction to Data Mining! Pleae check the course syllabus.

Discussion Materials

Date Content Slides & Links
Oct. 2 Course overview, math review (Linear algebra, probability, etc.) Slides Week1, Math essentials

Additional Resources