ScAI Machine Learning Seminar (2019-2020, Updating)

Welcome to our ScAI seminar on machine learning! Each week, we invite a current researcher to give a talk on the latest advancement in big data and machine learning. Please check the following links to slides.

Winter 2019

Time & Location: 10:00-11:30am, Fridays, Room 289, Engeering VI


Date Title Speaker Refs.

Fall 2019

Date Title Speaker Refs.
10.4 Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications Lingfei Wu N/A
10.11 Reducing Societal Bias in Natural Language Processing Jieyu Zhao N/A
10.18 Two-view Knowledge Graph Learning and Applications on Recommendation Junheng Hao PDF
10.25 Data Science at Scale: from Theory to Practice Xiaolin Shi N/A
11.1 How Powerful are Graph Neural Networks? (Cancelled) Jure Leskovec N/A
11.20 Machine Reading for Precision Medicine (Location: MRL1-441) Hoifung Poon N/A
11.22 Deep Probabilistic Logic: A Unifying Framework for Self-Supervision Hoifung Poon N/A

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